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About Me

I am passionate about startups since my youth. After finishing my studies in business administration and graduating with my Master I directly jumped into my next startup, not really having a clue about what I was actually doing and what path was lying ahead.


After more than 6 years as CEO of the company I work in, I now have been through many struggles, hustles and successes taking the roller coaster every day. So I believe to have at least have a minor understanding of what it means to build a startup company from scratch, even though the ocean of unknown is still wide.


During my time I had to fill various knowledge gaps and while the internet and talking to other knowledgeable people (especially other founders) is an extremely good source of learning, I still kept on reading books about certain topics. Sometimes you just want to take a deep dive and really understand something on a more detailed level, which I believe books are sometimes best at.


Why I Build this Website

Getting the right information when you need it and knowing what to read when is not such an easy task. Without knowing what to do and how to do it you will most probably fail in succeeding in building a great company. To know what you don´t know is the first part of the problem. Not being able to take the right action and not having anyone to benchmark against can be painful. If you would have the right book about the specific challenges you are facing at hand you will find answers to your questions and increase the chances of success. But how to know what are the right books for you right now, there is plenty of them out there, still, they are hard to find. And at this point, Startup-Books.com comes into play.


How Startup-Books Can Help You


Finding startup knowledge easier – If you are one of the brave people in the startup world trying to achieve their dreams and goals I built this website to make it easier for you to find and access the right knowledge. With good reviews and structure and additional content important to founders, this site shall support you in becoming a better founder. Learning is fun and feels good since you are becoming better and more professional at what you are doing. So buckle up for the roller coaster! 😉


I hope you can enjoy the offering of this site and I can support some people to make better decisions, fewer mistakes, and becoming more successful in building great companies and growing as individuals!


Yours sincerely,




PS: I am always happy about getting feedback or ideas about the site or good recommendations on books to read and present to other viewers! 🙂

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